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We produce Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis) clone differentiated

Holms oak (Quercus ilex) in standard, bush, cone and espalier

Black pine ,scottish pine and other mediterranean trees. Download our on-line catalogue

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We delivery all over Europe  with a modern logistic support…

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Why Ideaverde ?!?

Our philosophy

We believe that the first quality threes production represent the future for the growth of our company and of European plants nursery market.


We believe in an integrated agriculture where energy conservation and environmental sustainability are essential components. Since 2009 -due to a photovoltaic plant 44 kwh – we are also energy self substained…

The numbers of the Plant Nursery

The company was founded in 1992 and has developed on  30 hectares surface. We coltivate over 40,000 plants of Cypress and 18,000 pants of Holm oak…

Always ready

We are always available and ready to advise you for your choices by phone at +39 075388569 or by mail: mail@vivaiideaverde.it